Website Design

toolbox 256There are lots of reasons you are looking for a new website.

  • Perhaps your current site looks like it was printed off of a dot matrix printer and may only be a few years old.
  • You're starting up your own business at home and need help figuring out the whole 'web' thing and don't know where to start.
  • You have an awesome site that 'a guy' started for you, but has been too busy to finish it up so you actually haven't seen it yet.

Now you are thinking your niece, cousin, brother, or friend is going to create a site for you, but you aren't sure they have the skills to get it completed quickly, efficiently or of the professional quality you need to have your business, organization or community site up and running...

Even if you have considered updating, upgrading or building a new website from scratch, we can guide you through the entire process or do the work for you and show you how to maintain it on your own. 

Whatever the reasons, you need help and want to know your options. We can help!

We have experience working with lots of different coding languages and try our best to keep up with the ever changing web trends to provide you with the simplest, cleanest and custom designs for just about any business, organization, gaming, community or family site you may be considering.

Forums, Blogs, CMS, Shopping Carts

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Some of the software and designs we are familiar with include the best forum software such as VBulletin, blogging software such as Word Press and Content Management System (CMS) software such as Joomla, Drupal and many others. We even have experience setting up many different typs of shopping cart software, Paypal, Google Checkout and we can even create a custom order form, product catalog or allow you to start receiving donations. Whatever you need!

Help Desk, Ticketing, Tracking, Support systems

We offer some of the latest customer support ticketing and tracking systems available on the web. This can be built directly into your website, sub domain ( ), or as a stand alone site separate from your primary domain name. Integrate your support section with video tutorials, images, a blog, and even avatars of your moderators. Then we include a simple, fast and user friendly interface to help you keep track of what your clients are approving as an accepted solution to your moderators response. This can be used on as small or large of a scale as you need with unlimited help requests and a quick tag and search feature to try and help cut down on repeat questions. 

Mobile and portable devices

iphone 128Looking for a site that works with mobile devices? Our latest CMS based sites will automatically adjust your content* to fit the latest smart phones, tablets and other portable devices, without taking away from the experience of having a 'full site'. In fact, even this site can easily fold down and fit into your pocket so you can see how easily it all works for your customers!

*Take your browser out of full screen and drag the corner of the browser window to watch the content and menu dynamically change and fit your narrow or wide screen device as an example.

Website and User Management

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Need to have a website that allows private individual or group login access to controlled content for your employees such as a PDF document, a private photo gallery? Perhaps you want to allow multiple people to write content for your site and have a few editors and publishers maintain the content as it gets submitted such as a magazine or travel site. Maybe you run a business with 1000's of employees and wish to group their accounts into separate categories that allows them to only see content based on the group they belong to.

Doing more for your site

helmet 64We can provide you with options for your site as simple or as involved as you need it to be, and will make it look good when we do it! Perhaps you need to provide your visitors with text and video training sessions while tracking their progress.  Maybe you are just looking for a way to accept payments for services or send out a newsletter. Vaulted Web even works with some great local professional photographers and a bulk printing company that offer us some great discounts for our clients. 


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All of our sites are SEO friendly meaning that your average serach engine such as Google and Yahoo will easily find you and update their services with just a little bit of input from you. We can also work to tie your site or logins directly with social network sites like Facebook or even integrate some features from sites like Google + or LinkedIn. Ask us and find out more...

Call us or e-mail to schedule an appointment so we can help get you started!


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